Below you can find an overview of selected academic publications of  our faculty members:

Gelderen, M. V., Brand, M., Praag, M. v., Bodewes, W., Poutsma, E., Gils, A. v. 2008. Explaning Entrepreneurial Intentions by Means of the Theory of Planned Behavior. Career Development International, 13(6): 538-559.

De Jong, J. P. J., Bodewes, W. E. J., & Harkema, S. 2007. Winst door innovatie: Hoe ondernemers kansen zien en pakken. Schoonhoven: Academic Service.

Berchicci, L., Bodewes, W. 2005. Bridging environmental issues with new product development. Business Strategy and the Environment, 14(5): 272.

Bodewes, W. E. J. 2002. Formalization and Innovation Revisited. European Journal of Innovation Management, 5(4): 214-223.


Teaching cases:


We have developed several teaching cases that can be used in entrepreneurship education, these can be abstained (for free) from the Case Centre:

Smits, A. B., W.E.J. Bodewes 2011. 1UPTOYS: BREAKING INTO THE GLOBAL TOY INDUSTRY 34. Maastricht: Maastricht University.

Poppe, G. B., W.E.J. Bodewes 2011. READY TO TACK? THE CASE OF JUROFOON 26. Maastricht Maastricht University.

Smits, A. B., W.E.J. Bodewes 2011. SENZ UMBRELLAS: TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM 31. Maastricht: Maastricht University (Winner of the 2011 EFMD Case Writing Competition in the Entrepreneurship Category).