Pitching to the MC4E Shark Tank

Pitching to the MC4E Shark Tank


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One of our friends in LaunchBase says that we have been pitching since we were born.  Therefore, an epic milestone in the LaunchBase pre-incubation programme is mastering the perfect pitch.

Halfway through Round 4 of our programme we have a dedicated Value Proposition Pitching Workshop.

This workshop is focusing on engaging the audience and delivering the right content in a convincing way.

In summary: you focus on attracting the audience with a hook, then you go on to defining the problem. After that you explain the solution and the benefit that your solution gives to the customer. At the end you should wrap it up by asking for something that you needed to take the next step. And this is pitching – in short.
At LaunchBase we like to test things. So two days later, during the networking session that followed this workshop, we put our participants to the test.

We do this through our own, now infamous ‘Pitching to the MC4E Shark Tank’ event.

Here our participants have 3 minutes to present their idea using the methodology above. The pitch is followed by a 4 minute Q&A with our expert panel. The jury members for this round included serial Entrepreneur from Amsterdam Vince Meens, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship Dr. Jana Thiel and LaunchBase Alumni and CEO of VR Peekaboo Nitzan Merguei. While some questions from the jury were scolding, others challenged the entrepreneurs and provided thought provoking confrontations and possibilities!

The participants from Round 4 presented eleven different ideas on the day ranging from sustainability applications and food services to smart fiber products and blockchain solutions.

We are excited to see how they grow and develop in the second half of the programme as they expand and test their business models. Our participants will have another opportunity to put their pitching to work again in our final event ‘Startup Graduation Day’ on February 22nd!

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