New startups in the building!

New startups in the building!

        Creativity and Cooperation workshop

On the 6th of March LaunchBase opened its doors to a new group of startups! We started with another round of  our pre-incubation programme where 35 entrepreneurs are dedicating the next months to testing their business ideas.

For the first two weeks of the programme the focus has been on exposing the group to high degrees of innovation, creativity and cooperation. We opened this round with a lecture on Open Innovation from Prof. Dr. Paul Iske the founder of the Institute of Brilliant Failures. Since then our co-working space has been constantly occupied both by the entrepreneurs who have already joined as a team and by those who are currently working on their own, with support from their peers.

People are enthusiastic and engaged, highly determined to succeed at establishing successful startups, and we look forward to being part of their journey. Ranging from setting up an academic based consultancy to creating a natural cosmetics brand all the way to having a new educational system built with the blockchain technology or setting up tree houses as modern living facilities, the ideas of our new group of entrepreneurs are complex, versatile and promise to be impactful.

In the coming weeks we will dive into Design Thinking and Value Proposition workshops, so that our participants can better define the core of their business models. Soon we will have another Open Networking event where all entrepreneurs of Round 5 can get acquainted with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For details on how their journey is going and other events coming up, stay tuned and follow our social media channels!


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