Our Team

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Martin Carree

Head of the MC4E, Full Professor Industrial Organisation at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, and Head of the Department of Organisation & Strategy.


His Chair focuses on industries, varying from software companies to hairdressers, fast-food restaurants and oil refineries. Important discussion topics for Martin are issues such as the structure of industries, the behaviour of companies as well as their performance.

Structure then encompasses matters such as the level of market saturation, whether or not there are accession barriers and whether companies have influential customers or suppliers. Company behaviour on the other hand ranges from innovation to pricing and advertising policy, cooperation and even cartel formation. The behaviour of companies usually changes as industries evolve, whereby entrepreneurship is a determining element of company behaviour within industries.

Dr. Jarrod Ormiston

Assistant Professor in Social Entrepreneurship


Dr. Jarrod Ormiston is Assistant Professor in Social Entrepreneurship. His research interests include social entrepreneurship, impact investment, Indigenous entrepreneurship, refugee entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the informal economy. Jarrod’s teaching activities focus on social and sustainable entrepreneurship and strategy.


Prior to his work at the Maastricht University, he worked as a lecturer at the University of Sydney Business school, as an analyst in Growth Solutions at Deloitte and in various management roles in the Australian and Latin American nonprofit and education sectors. Jarrod was also the founder of the Colombian nonprofit organisation, Sports for Development. You can contact him by email at j.ormiston@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Dr. Christopher Schlagel

Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship


Dr. Christopher Schlägel is assistant professor at the Organisation & Strategy Department in the School of Business and Economics and MC4E. He received his Dr. rer. pol. from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany. He has published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of World Business, International Business Review and other entrepreneurship and international business journals. His current research focuses on international entrepreneurship, intercultural competence, and strategic orientations.

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Christopher Sparks



Chris became interested in entrepreneurship by starting a farmers market business with a friend in 2005. He is co-author of Entrepreneur in 100 days which he published with Thomas Blekman of Erasmus University, De Beukelaar Group, and Nijenrode Business University. Next to this he is co-founder in several startups in Limburg – ‘Cloudcoverz’, ‘Ludewa Textiles’, ‘Guestbook’, and ‘BiblioViz’.

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Iseline de Waard MSCHFIM



Iseline joined the MC4E in September 2015. She has a Master degree in Health Food Innovation Management and one in Neuropsychology, and is experienced as a product developer in the bakery industry with a strong interest in innovation in the health and food sector. She teaches these subjects at the Bachelors and Masters programmes at the university campuses in Maastricht and Venlo.
Jaspar Casey

Director Launchbase Pre-incubation


Jaspar joined the Centre in Spring 2017. He previously studied Economics at the University of St Andrews before working at a venture-backed, early-stage startup in London as its 9th employee. He has also worked with family businesses in event management and food and beverage, opening a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. More recently, he earned his MSc in Strategic Marketing from Maastricht University’s School of Business & Economics. Next to running the Launchbase Pre-incubation programme, Jaspar is also lecturing and tutoring at the MC4E. You can reach him at j dot caspar at maastrichtuniversity dot nl.

Simeon Kechagias

Student Assistant 


Simeon was part of the GEW student team in 2016 before joining Launchbase as student assistant. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in European studies and Entrepreneurship and is looking to gain some hands-on start up knowledge. He founded two start-ups himself and has been working with several other start-ups in the Netherlands and in Germany. You can reach him at simeon at mc4e dot nl.

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Prof. Dr. Paul Iske

Professor Open Innovation and Business Venturing


Prof.dr. Paul Iske is a true knowmad who travels the world to inspire, teach and consult. Previously he was Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO Bank, which included the functions of Director of the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator. In this role, he stimulated entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and behavior within and outside ABN AMRO Bank.


Paul is also founder of the Institute of Brilliant Failures, calls himself consulting Challenger and is a frequent speaker on international conferences and workshops focusing on Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Finally, he is Partner in ‘Conceptisch’, an organization focusing on the (co-)creation of environments that support the development of intellectual capital. Paul Iske holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics. You can contact Paul by email at p.iske at mc4e dot nl or by phone at +31 654 626160.

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Jan Lamkin

Entrepreneur in Residence


Jan Lamkin is a local entrepreneur and informal investor who acts globally. Jan is affiliated with the MC4E as its Entrepreneur in Residence to teach classes together with the our faculty and to mentor and inspire enterprising students and alumni. Jan is a prototypical self-made entrepreneur who enjoys to interact with young, eager and energetic individuals who will become future entrepreneurial leaders.
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Julian Lupescu
Chief Inspiration Officer


Julian coordinates all the inspire and awareness events that MC4E organises with teams of enterprising students who help turn the university into an entrepreneurial hub. Julian joined the centre in the fall of 2015. You can contact him by email at i.lupescu at maastrichtuniversity dot nl.

Affiliated Faculty

Several faculty members at Maastricht University contribute to the
activities of the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship, and/or conduct
scholarly research that is directly instrumental to our entrepreneurship