Jaspar Casey

Director LaunchBase Pre-incubation

Jaspar joined the Centre in Spring 2017. He previously studied Economics at the University of St Andrews before working at a venture-backed, early-stage startup in London as its 9th employee. He has also worked with family businesses in event management and food and beverage, opening a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. More recently, he earned his MSc in Strategic Marketing from Maastricht University’s School of Business & Economics. Next to running the Launchbase Pre-incubation programme, Jaspar is also lecturing and tutoring at the MC4E. You can reach him at j dot casey at mc4e dot nl.

Simeon Kechagias

Student Assistant

Simeon was part of the GEW student team in 2016 before joining Launchbase as student assistant. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in European studies and Entrepreneurship and is looking to gain some hands-on start up knowledge. He founded two start-ups himself and has been working with several other start-ups in the Netherlands and Germany. You can contact him at simeon at mc4e dot nl.