LaunchBase Pre-incubation 

The Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E, Maastricht University) recognises the growing need for startup support for young people in Maastricht. For this, we have created LaunchBase pre-incubation, an extra curricular, 5-month education and activation programme for people who are serious about entrepreneurship. The current round of the LaunchBase pre-incubation programme runs from March 6th 2017 until Summer 2017.


During the pre-incubation stage you will get acquainted with the concepts under the “entrepreneurship” umbrella but the focus will fall on taking actionable steps towards building your idea into a validated business model. In the programme you are accompanied by a diverse group of entrepreneurial minds selected based on complimentary skills, knowledge and passion. 


The fifth round of LaunchBase pre-incubation is running from March 6th until Summer 2017. 

The programme is designed to be complementary to your work or studies. For this, we have scheduled the essential workshops on every Monday from 4pm. Also, we’ve committed to provide you with excellent networking opportunities with the group and with external people. We host entrepreneurial get togethers on every Wednesday from 5pm.

Throughout the programme there may be additional workshops and trips which will be communicated in advance. Commitment and attendance is important to ensure that you get the most out of the programme and to help build the group culture. A minimum of 60% attendance is mandatory to graduate from the pre-incubation programme. 

Added Value

Here is some of what LaunchBase will offer you:

1. Lectures about the essential parts of the creation of your startup. For example: idea generation & Lean Startup, business modelling, customer development, entrepreneurial finance and pitching to name a few!;

2. Thought provoking presentations given by experienced entrepreneurs. What is it really like to be an entrepreneur? By attending and interacting with local and international business people, you will get a head start towards establishing connections to help your startup grow!;

3. For those further along in their idea development, a team coach or mentor will guide you on the startup your journey;

4. Regular networking opportunities to share information and discuss ideas. By providing you with the place and the people with whom to practice on a regular basis, by the time you graduate, you’ll ace networking!;

5. Events with different themes such as pitching practice and guest speakers: the ideal way to meet interesting people and test yourself and your business;

6. Throughout the entire duration of our programme you will have access to our creative co-working space where we can accommodate hard working dedicated individuals who live on Wi-Fi and coffee

7. Startup Graduation day to wrap it all up in a festive atmosphere. With this final big swoosh, we encourage you to showcase your idea to the world (of Maastricht). You can present what you have been working on, receive feedback and opportunities from our external network. Find out if your startup is ready for take-off into the next phases of growing.


We will issue the next application form soon. If you want to know more details about the programme, if you have any questions regarding the application or if you just need some clarifications, please get in touch with us!


We are located at Grote Gracht 76. Our offices and co-working space can be found on the first floor, just follow the signs after the main entrance! 

A snapshot of our co-working space.

Weekly workshops hosted by experts and experienced entrepreneurs.