LaunchBase Pre-incubation is a 5-month programme designed to take you from the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey to startup ready.

By pooling together groups of diverse participants pre-incubation provides an innovative and inspiring setting to deepen your knowledge, grow your network and develop something unique.

LaunchBase Pre-incubation at a glance:

  • Workshops
  • Networking events
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Co-working space
  • Coffee and WiFi

The Netherlands has a vibrant start-up ecosystem that generates many outstanding ventures. With the help of the Province of Limburg, LED Brainport2020, and the Municipality of Maastricht also Maastricht University contributes to that ecosystem by proving pre-incubation support to its alumni, students,  and other ambitious young people.


LaunchBase is the pre-incubation platform of the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship and covers a comprehensive approach to business creation and development. Our program supports ambitious students and alumni in making the first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur, and is essential in forging, selecting and supporting teams who not only have enough potential but are also determined to turn their start-up into a major enterprise.


LaunchBase ensures that talented young people have enough guidance, inspiration and support through the initial stages of venture creation and venture growth. We believe we should first “incubate ambitious entrepreneurs” and then “incubate growth businesses”. The LaunchBase Pre-incubation Programme encompasses the pre-launch stages of venture development. Its activities include one-on-one mentoring and working sessions that also serve as a meeting platform for interested individuals to explore entrepreneurship.


Maastricht University can, through its Maastricht Valorisation Centre, provide outstanding support to start-ups facing issues that pertain to the securing of IP rights, patenting, licensing and contracting. You can consider it to be the university’s one-stop-shop for valorisation and technology transfer, hosting a wide range of expertise and capabilities.


If you already what to learn how easy it is to register a business in the Netherlands, klick here for an English language brochure of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

LaunchBase Pre-Incubation exists thanks to our supportive, local sponsors!