MC4E Students

MC4E Students is the student community at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship. We are a vibrant community of startup enthusiasts who enjoy inspiring each other by organising events, workshops, networking sessions, and providing support for any student wishing to found their own company.


Our large network consists of partners in the region of Limburg and beyond, who are our allies in stimulating young people in Maastricht and help boost the local economy.


We organise two large-scale events every year: Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week in May, and Global Entrepreneurship Week Maastricht in November.


Programs like the Local Hero Award ( and the Innovator’s Challenge ( are key events which define our approach in encouraging students to become more entrepreneurial.


By closely working together with our incubator Launchbase students also get the chance to pursue a professional track to start-up their own companies.




We are a member of 




We’re recruiting!


Our Inspire events are organised by students for students. Each year we recruit teams to organise the Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship and the Global Entrepreneurship Week @ Maastricht.


Next to a chairman, we need enthusiastic marketeers, speaker hosts, operation planners, social media wizz-kids and sponsoring wizards.


Volunteering to organising an event is not only a great way to develop your professional skills, or to build a relevant network in the European start-up scene. It is also a great excuse to hangout with like minded students who aim to make the university and Maastricht stand out as an enterprising hotbed.


If you want to get involved, please walk in at out homebase at the Grote Gracht 76. We have delicious coffee to welcome you 🙂




Positions open for Global Entrepreneurship Week Maastricht 17


  • Operations Officer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Assistants


Convince us you are the right person by sending in your CV and motivation letter here.