Entrepreneurship is not an option

It is increasingly recognised that an enterprising mindset is an absolute necessity for most, if not all, university educated professionals. Employers search for talented employees who have not only mastered their professional fields but who are also entrepreneurial minded. In business, this can go as far as employees actively pursuing new business opportunities as “corporate entrepreneurs.”


Of course, one can be entrepreneurial in many other ways. One could also behave entrepreneurially by starting one’s own firm. Many students have such entrepreneurial aspirations. That is why we have made the building of awareness and the the provision of inspiration a key task of our Centre.


At Maastricht University we believe that anyone can be entrepreneurial, yet all of us will have to learn how to be successful at it. Intriguingly, those students that aspire to become entrepreneurs usually also indicate that they do not expect that they will actually become one. This may also apply to you.

Perhaps because you think that one should have supra-natural talents to succeed as an entrepreneur. You may also believe that you a lack the financial resources needed to start your own venture. You may have heard that relevant work experience as an absolute necessity for entrepreneurial success. Or you may want to wait for the “golden opportunity” to announce itself.


Luckily, you do not need a good idea, money or experience to get into the act. Still not convinced? You are invited to attend one of our inspirational events. Even if you would ultimately decide to opt for a salaried position (instead of creating your own employment) we know that we may will have inspired you to seek employment with an truly entrepreneurial firm, or at least to behave more entrepreneurial in a traditional organisation or company.