Workshops for Faculty

Researchers that impact society


Maastricht University has ambitious plans to increase its visibility and societal impact through valorisation. We have developed several workshops that should help them develop their ability to engage in the “scholarship of engagement.”


This notion of academic scholarship calls on academics to make an effort to ensure that their research will have its societal impact. In that respect it is critical to acknowledge that not all such engagement will result in financial transactions.


As an academic community we should debate to what extent we would want to limit our notion of valorisation to monetising of [1] research outcomes (Transfer of outcomes based valorisation) or [2] research capacity (Contractual servicing based valorisation). Is seems logical to also embrace opportunities for [3] societal value creation (Outreach based valorisation) for which no direct monetary reward can be obtained.


To increase the awareness for valorisation of young researchers, the university has mandated that each doctoral dissertation should have a section in which the doctoral candidate explains what could be valorised from their research. We regularly provide a workshop to help doctoral candidates to craft this section.


The university also provides workshops to individual faculty members and research groups that help them improve their competence in any of the three valorisation flavours. Ranging from a luncheon meeting to explore valorisation in the context of the scholarship of engagement to an intensive workshop that can help you to successfully prepare a grant proposal to a company.