Master Programmes

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MSc Health Food Innovation Management


In September 2009 Maastricht started a new master programme on its Venlo Campus that prepares its students for enterprising careers in the development and commercialization of neutraceuticals, functional foods and other foods with health benefits.


Students in this programme spend a substantial proportion of their time on entrepreneurship, new venture creation and new business development related topics. Enrollment in this unique programme is open to students who have complete ad BSc in a food/health related discipline and that are interested in making functional food a business.

Quick info:


  • only programme of its kind in the world
  • combines nutrition and health with business and management, consumer sciences and food law
  • pursue a career in food product development or food research
  • 2-year, full-time master’s, taught in English
  • starts in September
  • 12-14 hrs, 4 hrs group work and 18-20 hrs independent study
  • integrated academic-industrial learning programme
  • extensive internship at food and beverage industry, in NL or abroad
  • you’ll get an MSc in Health Food Innovation Management

MSc IB track in Entrepreneurship & SME Management


This track provides its students with a solid academic knowledge on international entrepreneurship and small or medium-size enterprise (SME) management, and to develop the student’s entrepreneurial and small business management skills and competencies.


The courses focus on different types of companies as for instance high-tech ventures, start-ups and family businesses. The programme also touches upon the topic of intrapreneurship or corporate venturing, aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial orientation in larger, established enterprises.

Quick info:


  • degree in International Business with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship & SME Management
  • work in entrepreneurial ventures, management in SMEs, consulting, public research, venture capital, academia
  • Double-Degree options
  • 1-year, full-time master’s taught in English
  • starts in February & September
  • weekly: 8 hrs classes, 14 hrs group work, 18 hrs individual study
  • you’ll get an MSc in International Business