Entrepreneurship education is the heart of MC4E

We believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur.


It starts with the ambition to act on opportunities. We provide opportunities to learn.


Across all faculties and study programmes, we help students (and faculty members) to upgrade their knowledge about high-impact entrepreneurship and to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and competencies. Our courses also help you to start building a relevant network that can help you to succeed as a young entrepreneur. Through our education we provide a launch platform to those who actually want to start their own business during or after their studies. We know that taking entrepreneurship courses indeed does make a difference, it can also do that for you.




Entrepreneurship research as input to relevant education


Maastricht University is a research university. This implies that all our teaching is rooted in scholarly research. Entrepreneurship and enterprising behavior are researched from a host of disciplinary perspectives.


The graduate and executive entrepreneurship programmes of top universities such as MIT, UPenn and Harvard have proven that scholarly insight is an indispensable input to valuable entrepreneurship education.


Maastricht University has a heritage in researching entrepreneurship. Our Centre will leverage that research to outstanding education that allows you to learn and develop. Most entrepreneurship research is concentrated in the Organisation and Strategy department of the Faculty of Business & Economics. However, also the Law school has produced valuable research, in particular on IP issues of biotech firms.


In the coming years, the MC4E will continue encourage other faculty to explore additional research tracks. For example, by organising research seminars that showcase legal, psychological, marketing or finance research that is relevant to our understanding of entrepreneurship. Obviously, we will stay keen to deploy the outcomes of such research in our courses, programmes, and workshops.